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Step 2 -Collaborate

Step 2 - Collaborate

The Kids Democracy is part of the residents' democracy in the housing department. Kids Democracy and the housing department board are therefore working together to make the residential area an even better place to live. At the same time, Kids Democracy can also collaborate with other local partners in and outside the housing area. The collaboration partners can contribute with both professional knowledge, planning and be an 'extra pair of hands' in Kids Democracy. You can for example collaborate with the local school, club, recreational activity, police, fire service or a private company. 

The parents of Kid Democrats are also an important collaboration partner, just as the other residents can be. 

When you get started with Kids Democracy, it might be a good idea to send information around to all residents so that they know there is Kids Democracy in the housing department  

You can also assign a patron to the Kids Democracy. The patron can help create awareness of, and interest in, both the Kids Democracy and the housing association. In practice, the patron can, for example, participate in selected events and take part in interviews in connection with these events.

How do you collaborate with the neighborhood board?

How do you collaborate with local actors?


Collaboration between fire inspector Flemming Bjerring from Slagelse Brand og Redning and Håndværkerparken on the establishment of a bonfire pit in Håndværkerparken

Collaboration between Hendriksholm Skole and SFO and AKB Ved Milestedet on a joint excursion to the Danish Parliament for Kids Democrats and two school classes

Collaboration between Elmelunden's housing association board and Kids Democracy on a photo safari in the residential area