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There are various activities and working methods you can use when you have to involve the Kid Democrats in how the housing area can be made even better. The activities all contribute to giving the children a voice in the residential areas. It can be a good idea to vary activities and ways of working, as children are different and have different interests, needs and skills.

There are four overall child engagement activities and a large number of different forms of work-methods under the individual activities, e.g. joint discussions, group work, workshops and "walk and talk".

Kid Meetings

Photo and video safari


Meeting with decision maker

The children develop, discuss and decide on ideas about activities and changes in their neighborhood.

The children take photos or videos of their neighborhood, and you gain knowledge about children's view of the area.

The children go on a trip out of the residential area with a focus on learning about democracy in practice.

The children are given the opportunity to have a dialogue about democracy or about a concrete idea for which they would like to have the support of decision-makers

How do you host a Kids Meeting?

How do you host a photo safari?

7 good tips for involving children in activities

Talk to the parents of the Kid Democrats about Kids Democracy and obtain the necessary permissions

Collaborate with the housing association board on activities in Kids Democracy

Involve local actors for professional and practical support, this could for example be the school during an excursion or the fire service when setting up a bonfire pit

Focus on building relationships both between the children and between children and adults. Create space for fun and coziness – it strengthens the community

Vary between different activities and ways of working, as children have different needs and resources. In general, avoid too many adult words and long adult monologues

Provide snacks and drinks, it helps the good mood, and the children may need it in the afternoon

Evaluate via informal conversation to get an impression of the children's experience of the activity

Kids Democracy ambassadors

Experienced Kid Democrats can be appointed as "Kids Democracy Ambassadors". They can act as role models both inside and outside the neighborhood. In the neighborhood, they can pass on their experiences to new Kid Democrats and thereby contribute to ensuring a possible generational change in Kids Democracy. They can also help the operating staff carry out the activities of Kids Democracy. 

Outside the neighborhood, they can spread knowledge about Kids Democracy by, for example, giving presentations at conferences. The role of Kids Democracy Ambassadors can also help to retain experienced Kid Democrats in Kids Democracy.

When the children are appointed as Kid Democracy Ambassadors, they experience that they can contribute something special.
It is an important pat on the back.

Søren Lillevang, Property Manager, AKB Ved Milestedet, Rødovre