Kids Democracy in Titanparken



Konradi - life in and between the houses in collaboration with AKB, Copenhagen establishes Kids Democracy in the housing department Titanparken. The housing department is located at Nørrebro in Copenhagen with 230 tenancies and around 770 residents, among whom 190 are children between the ages 0 and 17.

The vision of Kids Democracy is to give children the opportunity to have a voice in the housing department they live in. This can contribute to developing children's democratic skills and help initiate children into a healthy community. There can also be found gains in the fact that the housing departments can experience increased ownership from the children, which in the long term can help prevent unrest and vandalism from the housing department's own children.

Kids Democracy's foundation is the housing department's own (permanent) resources which, in addition to the children, consist of operating staff and the department board. The commitment of these parties is uniquely important to a successful Kids Democracy and at the same time makes Kids Democracy sustainable and viable. 


· Kids Democracy in the housing department Titanparken 

You can read more about Kids Democracy on our website: http://bø and on our Facebook-page:


Task: Kids Democracy in Titanparken
Project owner: AKB København
Financed by: AKB København
Period: Spring 2022 - winter 2023
Role: External project manager